Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trash the dress ~ NYC Wedding Photographer ~

One of my favorite parts after the wedding is the trash the dress session!
Well, when planning the session with Manoela she had pretty much all the idea for her session! She came wearing my favorite shoes in the whole world : Converse! So she was this beautiful bride, in converse! We walked around Central Park, where the dress got literally dirty, since it was raining a lot in NYC a couple days before. The weather was PERFECT :) We were able to walk and have lots of fun without freezing! Last stop was Times Square! Can't think of a better place for a trash the dress session and can't get over the amount of people that we attracted to our photo shoot with such a beautiful couple in the middle of NY's action! You won't want miss it!

Michael and Manoela -Bayside, NY Wedding Photographer

I've been trying to do a full post on Michael and Manoela's wedding for so long and only today I get to finally do it!
Michael and Manoela got married in October 16th, in Bayside, NY. And I had the joy to meet them and be a apart of their special day along with my brother, who was filming the entire day, registering every detail of the big day. Michael and Manoela have this amazing energy and you can stay next to the without cracking up for more than 2 minutes! They are awesome and I selected some images to share from their Wedding day! Trash the dress session will follow this post :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cristiane, Joaquim and Brian

I love Joaquim and it was as always, fun when Cristiane suggested that we could meet at Bryant Park and do the photos there :) At first I wasn't so sure, all the people walking by, not so much left for us, but we did it! Joaquim has grown so much since the last time I saw him and he got this new haircut that is absolutely adorable! It was a fun day and here are some of the moments we were able to enjoy, between a few "I dont feel like taking picutres today with all this cool stuff happening right around me" face that Joaquim did! It was fun! And he is right, Bryant Park is one of my favorite places to be in the city :)