Friday, September 30, 2011

She will fly high!!

I head the joy to photograph Gabby this past weekend and it was as always, a really great time!
Mom and Gabby came well prepared and the weather finally gave us proof that the "weather channel" failed and we got to see some sun shining... :)
Thank ladies for coming!

Family day!

Sunday is for me the most important day of the week. It's that day that I almost always get to spend with my own family. This past Sunday I got to spend a couple hours with another family and i could feel so at ease with them and we had a great time! I love seeing families growing cuz somehow reminds me of how blessed I am for growing in an awesome family. Monia and Joao Carlos are te proud parents of Alan and I couldn't help but take dozens of pictures that represent that sweet love that they have for each other! Thank you guys for being part of my Sunday! It was awesome spending time with you all and meeting amazing people and his cutie pie!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Love is in the air!

I love photographing couples :) for engagements, wedding, anniversary or even for fun, I love making photographs that will stay with them forever. And this one was a very special one!
I met Priscila through a fcebook group page and we set up the session quickly and finally met in central park, my favorite spot to shoot.
It was fun at first sight! Both her and Renato, were meeting me for the first time but I felt like I knew them for years! We had fun, laughed a lot and it wasn't that hard to make pictures look natural, cause their love is so genuine and natural that it all just clicked together and we captured those images that I hope you enjoy:)
It was a pleasure witnessing such a beautiful love and I know I hope to see you guys soon!
One more shout out to my wonderful brother, I couldn't have done without your support and help! You mean the world to me. Seriously, u rock!
Here it is, to Priscila and Renato!

A Nice day at the park

Wanted to share a sneak peek of this fun session we did last Sunday in central park :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Central Park

Central Park has such a special meaning to me. I grew up watching so many American movies and listening to my dad's stories about the time he lived in the big apple when he was younger and all the beautiful places I had to go. It always felt really real and I could perfectly picture myself walking around NYC one day. The first time I finally got to visit Central park, I just couldnt believe how amazing it was. I mean, its HUGE and still, I cant seem to find one ugly spot around there. Its so beautiful! My dad was right and whenever I go there, I feel closer to him than ever!
Most of my sessions take place there, I feel like there is just so much to explore and all that green goes well with everyything!
I had the pleasure to photograph a beautiful family later this morning but the fun began with Marcia, brazilian, with lots of fun and joy to share! I had a great time! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! You have such a good energy!
Later on, was time for little Luca! He managed to sleep through the entire session! It was so funny!!!!!! Mom Raquel and Dad Leonardo would move him up and down, hold him, put him on a pillow, carry him, kiss him and ....NOTHING! He wouldnt wake up! But still, it was a really great session and I cant wait to see him walking around and hopefully I will get to chase him with my camera hahaha
Beautiful people! Not even the cold weather stopped us!
Thank you guys so much for the opportunity! Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lavagem da rua 46!

The day before Brazilian day is also a day to celebrate! It all begins with music, laughs, costumes, hugs and happiness the day before when the famous "cleansing of 46th street" (lavagem da rua 46) takes place! The lavagem is not lieterally a cleansing! You won't see people sweeping and mopping. It's beyond that and involves tradition and history.

The lavagem group is joined by locals or tourists who can't resist but join the big parade/carnival/party that starts around 44th street and ends at the stage at Madison avenue where the party continues with samba, pagode and lots of fun and good music! Its a big party and when you see all the smiles on people's face you can't help but just want more of this everyday! Brazil is my home country and experiencing moments like this makes me want to be there right away!
So, remember! Next year start the celebration the day before, at the lavagem! You won't regret! Here are some of the moments :)

Brazilian day!

For Those who weren't aware
Of this, let me tell you that this past September 4th, brazil took over times square! That's how we celebrate our independence day in the big apple: celebrating in big (and loud) style!
We have people flying in from all over the country and from abroad to be a part of this huge party!
Concerts, food (brazil is famous for it's delicious food :), merchandise and so much more are some of the attractions that make the Brazilian day such a big event!
I was lucky enough to be a part of this and am happy to share some of the moments with you!
Enjoy :) and I see you next year!

Monday, September 12, 2011


As I was saying, this week it was family portrait session week! I had the amazing pleasure to meet Camila and Fernando who were looking for someone to help them with an specific project and luckly enough, I was able to meet them and help as much as possible! The weather wasnt working for our benefit and it made me reschedule many things that week but still, I took the challenge and got to shoot this sweet girl, Bia, for her 1st birthday at her own home, at 7pm, after a long day -for her, of course- she had to have me with my short lens right there! !Still, How lucky am I? She was such a sweetheart and I had the best time! Besides, Camila and Fernando were supernice and helped me a lot! I couldnt have done without these 2 great assistants!!!
Here are some of my favorites!