Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Book signing with Hilary Duff

Okay, I admit, I'm a huge fan of Hilary! The second I heard she was going to be in the city promoting her new book I just couldn't help but be there! She is been such a great role model for girls of all ages, specially in a world where appearance seems to count so much among teenagers and younger girls who take wrong turns in life by copying other's bad attitudes.

Anyway, back to excitment! I was one of the most excited at the book store and security probably got confused with the fact that I was covering the event and then immediately ran to the line to get my book signed and my 30 seconds of happiness with Hilary! Lol! I can't believe she is already married and has baby number one on the way! And she is my age. Well, c'est la vie! God bless you and your beautiful family my dear :) you rock! *.*
Here are some of the pictures!

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