Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fashion Night Out!

"Concrete jungle where dreams are made of...there's nothing you can do...." I LOVE this song. Its so inspiring and whenever Im running out of batteries I start playing my own version of Emprie State of Mind and everything turns out great. I know this should should be almost a month old by now but I was trying to find some time to upload the pictures and finally did! It made me laugh so much, I had such a great time that night with 2 of my best friends and my brother on my first fashion night out! I love NY, love, love, love. And I thought I couldnt love more! Until I saw the huge proportions of that event! 5th avenue couldnt be any fancier!!! All the lights, the models, the stores, the crowd...Sad to admit but it was actually one of the few nights that I was actually out! So worth it! Did you go? What did you think? I clicked some of the moments along with my amazing brother! If you can make it next year, call me!!!

Beyonce's sister. I was obviously, the last one to know who she was....

THIS was the best part of the night! Hahahaha He was sooooo adorable and fun... 

Juliana having her moment!

Such a lovely evening in the city :)

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