Monday, January 9, 2012


FAO Schwarz is by far my favorite toy store in NYC- yep, I love toy stores. Who doesn't? 
And it is for some reason the meeting location for me and my good friend Aline. whenever she gets off the train from Westchester, NY. Which is exactly how it happened this past Sunday. It was freeeeeezing outside so we extended our stay inside FAO a little longer and walked around all those characters that were part of my childhood... definitely made my heart feel warm <3 
I love how people are so pure and full of joy when they take off their shoes and play the famous Big Piano.
Thanks Aline for choosing this spot again! Makes me smile every time they say "Welcome to FAO Schwarz":)

Love the idea of the plate :) Not sure if it works, but the idea is great!
And this one is a tribute to my friend Camila, a M&M addicted :) 

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