Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lovely family !

You might remember this adorable face from a previous post. Yes, this is Manoela and her cutie pie Daniel, who came into the studio on dad's lap, enjoying a perfect nap on a cold winter day in the city. I didn't believe he was going to be in the mood for pictures that day but the theory proved me that taking a nap is a powerful tool for a great mood. And it sure is :) Daniel was all smiles to mom and proud dad Mike and it cracked me up when they kept telling him to give me the flower and he, confused, on mom and dad's arms, simply threw it in the air for me to catch it. ADORABLE. The session was inspired in the Valentines Day as you can see and I can't help it but restate how amazing Manoela looks in red :) This family is just so beautiful in the inside as they are in the outside and I'm soooo glad you guys were able to make it despite the cold! Enjoy :)

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