Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweet 16

Oh how I miss my sweet 16th, 15th, 14th...Won't even start talking about this. Long story short,
I was invited to photograph Micaela's Birthday party thanks to a referral from a good friend of mine, Helen, and I was very excited when the day finally came! Sweet 16th parties are totally different from everything I usually shoot. It has a complete different energy and even though is classified as a birthday party, we know it means a lot more than that. And this one wasn't different. 
The venue chosen for the party was the Space Odyssey, in Englewood, NJ, right off the George Washington Bridge. Quickly the room was filled with excited friends who were hugging each other all the time, sharing moments, laughs and love. And they had energy to supply for  Manhattan if a blackout occurs. 
And how about her dress??? OMG, gorgeous! She is such a beautiful girl and the dress- which I've seen on celebrities before, I'm pretty sure- was the special touch! Beautiful! Just beautiful! 
The place itself has this great atmosphere that invites you to dance and enjoy the party and the guests added their special touch, making it for a complete and unforgettable night!
Micaela was constantly surrounded by her best friends and I can tell they had the time of their lives and I feel blessed for being able to register the moment along with a great team: Flavia and Colin from Olm Photography and my always amazing brother, Igor, who was assisting for the night.
- And enjoying the party as well. Could see him dancing in the corner almost hugging the DJ for being freaking awesome and keeping everybody jumping off their feet all night long.
Once again, a pleasure and another opportunity to learn and improve. Thanks Flavia and Colin for coming along and for  being amazing!

The birthday girl ! 

Laughs, hugs, love, saw so many moments like this! 

No alcohol yet :)


Now the best part....the desert table! OMG...Helen also made the night even better by making BRIGADEIROS, a brazilian desert, my favorite desert. 

Micaela and her parents. Let me tell you, what a nice and fun family! Had a great time meeting you!
It was fun, fun, fun!

Friendship could be seen all over! Love it!

The decoration was beautiful! Great job!

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