Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lavagem da rua 46!

The day before Brazilian day is also a day to celebrate! It all begins with music, laughs, costumes, hugs and happiness the day before when the famous "cleansing of 46th street" (lavagem da rua 46) takes place! The lavagem is not lieterally a cleansing! You won't see people sweeping and mopping. It's beyond that and involves tradition and history.

The lavagem group is joined by locals or tourists who can't resist but join the big parade/carnival/party that starts around 44th street and ends at the stage at Madison avenue where the party continues with samba, pagode and lots of fun and good music! Its a big party and when you see all the smiles on people's face you can't help but just want more of this everyday! Brazil is my home country and experiencing moments like this makes me want to be there right away!
So, remember! Next year start the celebration the day before, at the lavagem! You won't regret! Here are some of the moments :)

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